Three cities in 3 days! Phew!

It’s been busy. We had very little time in Oslo, arriving by train around 3pm Saturday & flying out at 10:55 yesterday (Sunday)but we were staying in the centre of town & walked around to get a feel for it. We found a flower market in the middle of town. (Was this where you used to sell the potted flowers & herbs you grew, Kylie?). It was a shame that we had so little time but we did see a lot of Norway in the time we had there & it has got to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We loved it!

We then flew to Stockholm & caught a taxi straight to our ship, the Oceania Marina which is a lovely ship – so luxurious & we are really enjoying it.

Last night there was a magnificent sunset around 10:30.

This morning we’ve done some jobs, haircut for me in a lovely salon with full length glass beside the chairs allowing an ocean view, washing, ironing etc.
We docked in Tallin the capital of Estonia at midday. It’s the smallest of the Baltic States with just 1.4 million people in the whole country. We caught the shuttle bus into the old town & had a walk around – some lovely old buildings. They are ripping up huge amounts of road to lay down cement foundations for new tram lines as they have upgraded their trams & the old tracks won’t hold them. The old trams & tracks were Russian. Enough said.
In the main square in front of the town hall there are many restaurants with girls in national dress out the front trying to get you to enter. One girl we spoke to was wearing a Russian national dress as she said that 20% of the population are Russian.

The food on the ship is, of course, wonderful. Everywhere you look there are eateries & bars. So much choice. Tonight we are booked into Jacques, the French restaurant so we’re looking forward to that!
Tomorrow morning we dock in Saint Petersburgh & we are there until Thursday night. Plenty to see there!

Sorry, no photos. The WiFi won’t load them. Bit annoying!

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