Back below the Arctic Circle

Today we passed the marker which shows we are no longer in the Arctic:

The Captain held a ceremony on deck – he was handing out glasses of cod liver oil for free & selling glasses of champagne for $13. Not even a glass of champers could entice me to drink cod liver oil. I remember it too well from my childhood. That and Clements Tonic. David gave it a miss too

This afternoon the Captain took us close to Torghatten Mountain so we could see the big hole in it. It is 160m long, 25m to 30m high & 12 to 15m wide.  The Norwegian fairy tale explains the hole says that Hestmannen’s arrow whisked through the Bronnoy king’s hat long ago when Lekamøya fled south. (If you want to know the whole story, I suggest you google it.)

In between times, we’ve been napping, reading, playing bridge on our iPads & chatting to a lovely Norwegian couple who live not far from where Kylie lived in Norway. She was an English teacher. He taught maths & physics but was also a glaceologist in Antartica representing Norway for some time. They’ve also lived in Tanzania. They are very interesting to talk to. He has walked through the hole in the mountain. It’s all been very relaxing but now it’s time for our pre-dinner drink.

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