King Neptune & the Husky puppies

This morning a celebration was held on deck to celebrate being in the Arctic circle (We’re in the circle for 4 days) & King Neptune visited. People who were silly enough to allow themselves to be baptised by having iced water put down the inside of their shirts were rewarded with a free shot of something Norwegian & alcoholic. We stayed well away.

This afternoon we went on an excursion into the countryside from the lovely city of Tromso to a place where you can go sledding with a team of huskies if you visit in the winter. The dogs are very friendly & love people & the puppies are georgeous. We could hold a pup – they were one month old. The woman who owns the place, Tove Sorensen, has raced in the famous Alaskan race, itidarod, in 2006. She has written her story; apparently it is an inspirational story. One of the other Aussies has read it.

We’ve now found 8 Aussies but I don’t think there’s anymore. The majority of people are Norwegian or German. Hardly any Americans, a few English but mainly, Norwegian & German. They don’t seem very friendly. You ask if you can share their table at breakfast or lunch & they’ll nod but it’s really hard work to get a conversation going. Of course, it would help if we could speak their language.

Over 250 huskies are kept, they are trained & in winter they take people on rides. It seems a very popular tourist attraction & I think a lot of locals go there too.

I’ve taken so many photos. It is so beautiful wherever you look. There’s a lot of snow in the mountains here & I think it looks so pretty. I love it!

2 thoughts on “King Neptune & the Husky puppies

  1. Great to see you’ve got a puffy coat to keep you warm. The puppies look so cute. Glad to hear you like the scenery. Are you getting to eat lots of cake?


  2. I’m a bit disappointed Di. Fancy not letting Neptune baptize you. You love the water! Huskies are lovely dogs aren’t they. We saw them in Alaska had hear all about the itiarod too as well as seeing parts of it. Sounds like you are seeing a lot.


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