Beautiful architecture in San Francisco

Here we are in SF after another long flight from Brisbane through Auckland. We flew business class with Air New Zealand. Not my favourite! The crew were great but the pods seem small. Food choices were restricted, the fruit salad was boring & apples & bananas were the only fresh fruit available.

Our apartment for the week is great. It is on the lower level of a beautiful old home in Golden Gate Avenue. It is old, needs work but is very spacious with a lovely lemon tree loaded with fruit just like the one at home.

We’ve yet to explore as we were very tired when we arrived & just wandered off to find dinner & for breakfasts. We found a little pizza place & the very friendly guy made us great pizzas.

The first thing we noted as we came in the taxi was how different the architecture is from Brisbane & from Europe. The old homes are so distinctive & so beautiful. This is the view out of our lounge room window to the street:

As you can see, it is quite lovely.

Now to go exploring!

3 thoughts on “Beautiful architecture in San Francisco

  1. Only been to San Francisco a couple of times but love it. We took a trolley tour of the sites and saw a lot of the city. I just love the variety of homes….I prefer the older styles. Down at the Pier is a great place to hang out and people watch, great food too. Alcatraz is worth a visit too.


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